Soleroo Orb
Soleroo Orb

Soleroo Orb

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Soleroo Cleancing Orb is the best way to fully clean your face. To get ridd of all the Unpleasent thing you dont want in your face. Soleroo Orb is made out of Premium Silicone witch make the face super smooth and gives you  a facial massage


  • Soleroo Cleancing Orb is IPX7 waterproof!
  • Thermal Technology thats makes the pores open up to be fully cleaned.
  • EMS microcurrent it's deep stimulation, and exercises your facial muscles by contracting them it's kind of like waking up your muscles, and it tells them to produce more ATP.
  • Sonic vibration combined with the heat allso stretches the skin and increase skin elasticity witch makes your face look tight and wrinkle Free.